It’s outline of Innovation Study Seminar at Keio University Mita-campus north hall in 2018 11th Sep.

1.Towards fifth industrial revolution, contributing to a world.

While the Fourth Industrial Revolution by utilizing AI, IoT, and big data is rapidly progressing and becoming a new growth engine for the world economy, we will develop rules, overcome international “governance gaps” and globalize. He will explain how to build a new innovation base, from the response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the next Fifth Industrial Revolution.

Keisuke Sasaki,
Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau Industry Creation Policy Division, Manager

2.The success story of SIRI, How to build ‘Change the World’ companies and products.

Through the case of Siri who was involved in the development, he will explain the conditions for the industrial revolution that will change the world, interweaving successful cases and unsuccessful cases.

Norman Winarskey, Ph.D.
Co-founder Siri, Past president of SRI ventures Venture Partner, Relay Ventures Lecturer in Management, Stanford University

3.Why don’t big innovations come up?

Nowadays, it’s said that innovation will not occur in Japan, and he think about whether Japanese people really lack creativity (ideas), the background that new businesses don’t succeed, ventures don’t succeed, and what are the real issues.

Former Prof. D. Masaru Nakano
Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University

4.Deep Technology Start-ups.

Based on the experience of providing financial support to major electronics companies and technology companies, Deep Technology Startup = “what is the importance, success points, and activities of technology startup that requires large R&D investment”?  He presents with examples from around the world.

Project. Prof. Ph. D Takashi Iwamoto
Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University

5.Creative Destruction Breaking “lost 30 years”

From his many years of experience in the semiconductor industry, he will consider what is the essential cause of Japan’s recent decline throughout the history of the semiconductor industry, and what are the key points of the success of new businesses that lead to creative destruction.

Dr. Eiji Nagasawa
Vice President, IPN corporation
Past Representative Director of Tokyo Seimitsu
Past NEC corporation

6.Panel discussion

We had a question and discussion with each panelist who gave a lecture.

Prof. D.Shinichiro Haruyama
Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University

General Moderator

Assistant Prof. Aki Nakamoto
Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University



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