Innovation Study holds forums about three or four times a year to give presentations from menbers who have business ideas. Based on the contents, we will exchange heated discussions, develop guidelines for commercialization, and make it into a project. Here, we will introduce past discussion themes.

Latest Forum Theme (6th Forum, March/3th/2021, Online)

1. Regional innovation ecosystem

Speaker : Takashi Iwamoto

(Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration, Specially Appointed Professor)

2. Construction of cell culture mass production system for regenerative medicine and drug discovery

Speaker : Eiji Nagasawa

(IPN Corporation, Vice President / Innovation Study, Vice Representative)

He proposed and discussed an approach and a framework for promotion to become a world leader in a huge industry, which is predicted to reach 50 trillion in 2050.

Past discussion themes (1st – 5th)

Jyunji Okano (HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS Co.,Ltd.)Next-generation AI sensor
Haruka Suzuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)AI sensor
Satoru Sato (EY Advisory & Consulting Co., Ltd.)Visual Inspection
Eiji Nagasawa (IPN Corporation)Cell mass production system for regenerative medicine and drug discovery
Koichi Suzuki (SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.)Challenges for the industrialization of regenerative medicine and challenges for new cell manufacturing systems
Hideki Negisi (ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation)Social system reform in Japan to create “entrepreneurs and new businesses that can play an active role and contribute in the world” in Japan
Hideki Torita (MuuN Co.,Ltd. / Former GITAI Japan Co.,Ltd.)Third Transportation System
Kanji Saruta (IPN Corporation)Personal assistant
Akira Saito (IPN Corporation)VC acquisition
Katsumi Inoue (Advanced Original Technologies Co.,Ltd.)Next-generation computing favorite chip “memorism processor”
Eiji Nagasawa (IPN Corporation) 100 years old by self-help ?

Participating companies and organizations

A line : IPN Corporation, AVALDATA CORPORATION, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, IIJ Innovation Institute Inc., EY Advisory & Consulting Co., Ltd., Advanced Original Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Ka line : Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management, Kobe University
Sa line : Science Solutions Co., Ltd, SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.
Ta line : Takano Co., Ltd., Tanuki Software Co., Ltd., Tokyo Institute of Technology
Ha line : HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS Co.,Ltd. , Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Fsas Inc., Frank Co., Ltd.
Ma line : MuuN Co.,Ltd.
La line : Lime Co., Ltd.
* order of Japanese syllabary