Beyond the human eyes

Sensor fields that are attracting attention, such as autonomous driving technology in the automobile field and robots for investigating nuclear accidents.

By combining high-definition image information and AI, it is possible to make advanced decisions that humans cannot do safely and quickly.

The application of sensing technology will expand the possibilities of the world.

Project leader : Jyunji Okano (HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS Co.,Ltd.)


  • Subject :
    1. Extraction of necessary information in a poor environment. Example) Environment such as think fog, snowstorm, smoke(fire), sandtorm, etc.
    2. Hardware miniaturization / weight reduction / toughness
  • Application : Surveillance cameras in smoke environments during tunnels and buildings fires, safety confirmation cameras fore helicopters, flying cars, and drones during takeoff and landing, use for small vessels, use in the aerospace field such as rockets.
  • Technical elements : Infrared image sensor (InGaAs image sensor, etc.), infrared light source (LED, laser, etc.) that are transparent in adverse environments.

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Cell mass production system

TTS : Third Transfer System