What’s “Innovation Study” ?

Raise excellent ideas and create real new epoch-making businesses in a global market through intensive discussion with experienced members.

Regular forum (4~5 times/a year) and every two years seminar will help members to generate ideas, create new projects and establish new businesses.

Anyone who has the same aspirations with us and who agrees with the following manifesto can participate, so if you are motived, please join us.


Aiming at creating competitiveness of Japanese companies, most important guide and strategies, to create unique ventures and new businesses which can change the world, are proposed and executed.

① proposal to government policy

② guide to corporate strategy

③ Sherpa to entrepreneurs and cooperation with investors

④ investigation of future market trend

⑤ building sales strategies

Start-up “Innovation study” with ambitious full energy and extraordinal ideas and actions to create new market and develop unique new products, coming from a sense of crisis in the present and future of Japanese industries.

Birth of “Innovation study” from Keiogijyuku University
Frontier to a future world

2018, 11th DEC

Former Professor: Masaru Nakano
Graduate School of Keiogijyuku University
System Design and Management Research Laboratory
Kanji Saruta
IPN corporation CEO

Innovation Study Regulations

Article 1 This rules define matters of members of Innovation Study (short form: INS).

Article 2 INS is a widely open organization.

Article 3 Exchange liberal and open-minded opinions.

Article 4 INS members are constructed with personals, corporation, government organization, university and research organizations with an enthusiastic mind to make a success ventures and new businesses which can show remarkable presence in the world and contribute to “change the world”, aiming at recovery of competitiveness of Japanese companies.

Article 5 Exchange of views, issues proposal and plans for start-ups were performed to grasp market trend, new technologies field and the future trend.

Article 6 Ultimate purpose of INS is targeting for creating start-up which can be No1 in the world and contributing to global business creation.

Article 7 Principles for admission

  1.   need an enthusiasm and a passion for purpose and related matters of INS.
  2.   act with a willingness and identity.
  3.   contribute to the world through INS.
  4.   no restriction with nationality, gender, age, careers and academic record.
  5.   define separately an admission fee and membership fee.

Article 8 Operations

  1.   one representative and two deputy representatives.
  2.   nominate representative by election with majority of members.
  3. deputy representatives are nominated by representative and need by approval with majority of members.
  4.   establish an executive office and the accounts/liaison business be done in the office.
  5.   term of representatives is 4years and raise no objection to the reappointment.
  6.   Representative calls INS, plans and pursuits annual schedule and budget etc.
Representative Masaru Nakano
Deputy Representative
Eiji Nagasawa
Deputy Representative Shinichiro Haruyama



Masaru Nakano

Adviser (former professor), Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management Research Institute

Masaru Nakano

Deputy Representative

Eiji Nagasawa

Vice President, IPN Corporation

Shinichro Haruyama

Professor, Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management Research Institute

Eiji Nagasawa
Shinichiro Haruyama

Promotion Committee member

Tetsuya Toma

Professor, Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management Research Institute

Takashi Iwamoto

Specially Appointed Professor, Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration

Akira Saito

Executive Director, IPN Corporation

Hideki Negishi

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

Tetsuya Toma
Takashi Iwamoto
Akira Saito
Hideki Negishi


IPN Corporation