Approach to cutting-edge medical care in preparation for changes in the environment

For unknown new viruses such as COVID19, it is a difficult task to achieve both safety and speed in the development of antiviral drugs and therapeutic drugs.

Also, in regenerative medicine represented by iPS cells, the point is how to proliferate the cells.

This project faces these challenges.

Project leader : Eiji Nagasawa (IPN Corporation)


  • Value creation (market impact) by mass production of cell culture aiming at application to regenerative medicine and drug discovery and thorough examination of market scale
  • Team composition and strategy planning (matching with regulations on regenerative medicine and drug discovery approval system)

Cell culture that leads to cell medicine

  • Cell culture for cell regeneration and visceral formation by mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), embryonic stem cells (ES) and iPS cells.
  • Cell culture for drug discovery development in the first stage of clinical trials.
  • Gene therapy, immunoregenerative medicine
    1. Cell culture and processing with chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CART) therapy
    2. Induction of redifferentiation of antigen-specific T cells rejuvenated from antigen-specific human T-iPS cells (Sila Kaneko Laboratory)

Sensing technology that digitally grasps daily changes

By catching signs of invisible and hard-to-recognize physical changes through daily monitoring, leading to early treatment, and centrally managing information, we can grasp the state and changes of the group and take appropriate measures safely and safely. It is thought that it will lead to speedy response.

Examples of apps and services that utilize sensing technology

【Private Person】

  • Everyday Human Dock Project
    1. Measure → Various sensors
    2. Analysis → AI analysis, Open API
    3. Send data(send, give) → Various devices
  • Collect data on genes, environmental factors, and lifestyles with various sensing technologies and centrally manage them in the cloud → Send, give(Self-help, mutual help)

【Medical institutions / services】

  • New devices that realize casual sensing of environmental factors and lifestyles (various sensors: swallowing thermometer, etc.)
  • Inexpensive evaluation method for constitution, disease risk, and drug responsiveness based on genomic information
  • Centralized management of lifestyle, environmental factors, and genomic information
  • Innovative Personal Health Platform (PHR)
  • Healthcare Big data analysis-based future health care service
  • Life advisory / prevention support services from doctors and health concierges
  • A collaborative service that integrates various sensor data and uses AI analysis and an open API

Next Generation AI Sensor

TTS : Third Transfer System