Distribution system will change the future

Automobiles have entered a period of change in 100 years, and the wave of speeding up railways has arrived, and CASE and MaaS are attracting attention. However, there are limits to how old-fashioned moving steps can be covered by IOT. It’s time to think about a new transportation system that will support the next 100 years, just as information has changed significantly due to the Internet.

The third transportation system (TTS: Third Transfer System) is a next-generation transportation system that does not use railroads or roads as the main medium, and is a network-type next-generation transportation system that uses room-to-room and autonomous driving / transit. We believe that seamless movement will contribute to the realization of prosperous life.

Project leader : Hideki Torita (MuuN Co.,Ltd. CEO / Former GITAI Japan Co.,Ltd.)

What’s TTS ?

The concept of the basic system is as follows. Some are already becoming reality.

  • Propose the optimal route desired by the user, make automatic connections, and make all arrangements and payments for accommodations and parking lots.
  • Travel using routes is controlled in seconds based on reservations, enabling unprecedented accurate operation. Congestion will be eliminated naturally.
  • Various content information is provided in many languages via the always-on Internet.
  • People and cargo can be moved in the same way by automatic transfer, and 3D movement is possible by transferring up and down movement such as elevators.

What kind of future will TTS have ?

It is thought that “I wish I had it”, which is difficult with conventional systems, will gradually become a reality.

Living Area)

  • Logistics : Fresh morning products from Kyusyu and Hokkaido go to supermarkets in Tokyo before noon.
  • Local supermarkets and department store : Famous stores that are difficult to permanently set up can also be called to the local area, revitalizing them by attracting more customers.
  • Sightseeing : It is easy to have large luggage and infants without changing trains, and various information is provided in multilingual while on the move.
  • House : The parking lot becomes a unit with the dwelling, and the living space is expanded in a pseudo manner by various uses.
  • Hobbies : Put fishing and surfing equipment in the rental box, maintain it at home, and send it to the site to play.
  • Hospital : Visit the hospital from your own home while lying in bed without seeing other patients. Safety that can transport infected people.
  • Villa : You can go from Tokyo to Atami in 30 minutes with your pajamas like “Anywhere Door”, and open the door to get to the villa room.
  • Direct flights : Non-stop direct flights to the desired location except for temporary stops for there are no wasted stops.
  • Chase parking : GPS is used to track the movement of occupants and automatically move to a nearby parking lot to reduce unnecessary walking.
  • Operating hours : It operates 24 hours a day and does not require any adjustment such as the last train. Room-to-room is safe even at midnight.

Town planning)

  • City diffusion : From the current city in the middle of the station, it is possible to build a spacious and prosperous city with decentralization.
  • Parking : Not only parking, but also for getting on and off, warehouses, hotels, stores, etc. It secures about twice the capacity of the automatic car parking lot, and if it is full, it will be possible to move to another parking lot automatically after getting on and off.
  • Local lines : Routes that mainly go to school secure profits by expanding the use of freight, bypass, tourism, and residents.
  • Office : Rental offices for each group, wherever you like. Headquarters to compact.
  • Port : Improved the turnover rate and management problems of container ports that require a large space.

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